Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Define fitness?

I was telling a friend about this blog and they asked of the title "How will you know when you're fit?' to which I simply replied that I'll 'just know'. He thought I'd have difficulty with that due to the nature of a focused fitness enthusiast to always strive to become better. So I have decided to try and define fitness so that I can look back upon this and realise that I have reached and surpassed my first goal.

So to recap I'm going to be doing a combination of Army Fitness training from the Army Fitness Guide book, along with running 3x a week and CrossFit once a week (for now, although aiming for three sessions eventually). I haven't started the Army Fitness yet as my baseline physical level is not good enough, I estimate that I will get going in March, once I've completed the C25K course.

So the way I will define my level to be 'fit' will be when I can complete all of these things:

  • Completed the Army fitness training outlined in the Guardians Army Fitness guide. Which is similar to the Level 3 fitness programme here.
  • Can run  5K in under 27 minutes consistently.
  • Can squat 150% of my bodyweight.
  • Can perform consistent body weight pull ups for 15 reps
  • Have body fat percentage of 17% or under
  • Feel good about myself

I estimate that within a year I will have fulfilled  at least four of these six goals.

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